meet our team


Hi! My name is Michael, and I’m the Creative Director at SparkIt Creative. I assist with creating social media captions and copy for our clients. I serve as a reporter for initial prospective client meetings and for later meetings with clients who have agreed to do business with us. I also carry out research to discover our clients’ weak points in social media content or website layout to help them boost engagement and traffic. Overall, I’m a helper with an optimistic attitude, determination, and a desire to create.


Fun Fact: My favorite animal is a frog.


Hi! My name is Richard Forbes. I am the Lead Strategist at SparkIt Creative. I specialize in developing quality content for our clients’ websites and social media. Using my knowledge of photography, wordplay, and social media engagement, I look to maximize the reach of a client’s media campaign. I also look to strengthen our clients’ online presences through timely and relevant posts. 


Fun fact: I was born on Mother’s Day!

Richard Forbes
brian gurges

Hi! My name is Brian Gurges and I am the Outreach Director for SparkIt Creative. My role is to manage the existing accounts as well as seek new clients. I’m also very interested in graphic design and marketing, so I get involved any way I can.


Fun Fact: My name is an anagram for 'brain.'

Matthew Ohlhaber

Hi! My name is Matthew Ohlhaber, and I’m the Account Intern at SparkIt Creative. I assist with researching potential new clients and reaching out to them. I also work with our existing clients to ensure that we are consistently meeting their expectations and determine which of our offered services best suits their needs.

Fun Fact: I have dual US and Salvadoran citizenship.

ella choi

Hi! My name is Ella Choi, and I am a Graphic Design Intern at SparkIt Creative. I assist with creating and planning social media content, such as making graphics and editing pictures, for our clients. My passion for creativity helps me to provide the best work for our clients. 


Donya Mansoorian

Hi! My name is Donya Mansoorian, and I am a Social Media Intern at SparkIt Creative, where I assist with the development of copy for our clients' social media accounts. I also write for the SparkIt Blog, where we highlight relevant and interesting topics each week. As part of such a creative team, my love for content creation continues to grow as I provide the best content for our clients. 


Fun Fact: My name means “The World” in Farsi, the Persian language.

IAN Baldwin

Hi! My name is Ian Baldwin. I am the Graphics Developer at SparkIt Creative. I specialize in developing graphic content for our clients’ advertisements and social media. Using my knowledge of Adobe software, I edit videos and create graphics for various clients. I look to produce quality content pertaining to Twitch and Youtube.



Fun Fact: I paddled a cardboard boat to victory.

Sarah Bhatt

Hey there! My name is Sarah Bhatt, and I’m happy to be a Social Media Intern for SparkIt Creative. I work with SparkIt’s creative team to cultivate quality content and foster growth for our clients’ social media accounts. Though I can wear many hats, I am a communicator and creator at heart who puts undivided attention and effort into my work.


Fun Fact: The weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten was a centipede. I don’t recommend it.