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How to Make Your Content Stand Out

Every business on social media wants to put out the content that people want to see. If your followers like what you post, you will retain your current followers and even gain some new ones. So, the question that we’re left with is, how do we do that? How can we improve social media content to make it desirable to users? The trick is being creative and informative while still being relevant.

Creativity - Be Original and Interesting

While you can’t exactly be taught how to be creative, you can be shown ways to think creatively on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other social media platforms.

Brainstorming is always helpful before trying to come up with content. If you Tweet the first idea you have for your business’s Twitter, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t get much engagement. Engaging posts are those that catch users’ interest and make them say “Huh, I never thought of it that way.”

In order to accomplish an interesting post, sit down, maybe with coworkers, and get to pumping out ideas on a whiteboard or a notebook. These ideas are broad and reflect something honest about your business. Write down your first idea, second idea ─ and if the post is a big one, maybe even up to your hundredth idea.

Once you’ve come up with a few good ideas about a true aspect of your company, you can start to figure out what the post will actually say or show.

Idea generation is a great way to do this. This is when you crank out words or ideas that are related to the topic at hand until the real ideas for your post start coming to you.

Let’s say you are trying to make a post for a new hamburger on your client’s menu. You would take the word hamburger and play around with it, jotting down words like “meat,” “bun,” “sandwich.” Then, maybe you can come up with a scintillating post for the hamburger that rings true to your follower base, like Spark It does with its burger client, Relish.

Equally valuable is taking inspiration from other business’s social media. Of course, this doesn’t mean to copy their posts. But taking a look at what can be achieved on social media by similar businesses can help you uncover your own ideas for posts on many different platforms.

Browse your role models’ feeds, take note of what you find interesting and new and see if you can apply those qualities to your own social media with your own ideas.

Information - Provide Knowledge to Your Followers

Research the topic you want to post about and the people you are targeting. Find out what your followers are likely to be searching for, and then provide that information. You can also help users find your content by using tags on your posts.

Imagine how reliable your followers will find your business social media page if they are leaving your feed with useful knowledge every time they view it.

Try also to gear your posts more down the informational path as opposed to the promotional path, mentioned in our blog 4 Big Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media. Sometimes users just want to find a specific piece of information, and they won’t spend the time sifting through your advertisement-posts to find it.

Relevance - Keep Up With Trends

With the current age of the Internet and social media, your followers and other users expect everyone to be aware of trends.

It’s easy to find out what is going on in the world or your industry with a simple Google search of a topic and clicking the “News” tab to get updates. Just as simple is going through the “Trends” and “Explore” pages of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. This will allow you to tailor your posts to perhaps include a nod toward a trending topic, leading to more engagement.

Overall, viewing your social media in terms of how a user would see it may be the key to success in improving your content. In order for your business to increase engagement, you will need to make relevant and creative posts that inform the public, because anyone is a potential customer.

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