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Ways to Improve Social Media Accounts

For brands today, it’s impossible to avoid social media. No matter which platform you use, you and your business have incorporated some sort of content to attract attention: pictures, video, or even simple copy. Research has proven that branding through social media is a great way to spread messaging en masse and scan the environment for information on consumers and competitors. According to Hootsuite, 90 percent of brands are on social media; with 69 percent of American adults on social media, there is an ocean of potential impressions available for your business to reach.

For small or new businesses, getting social media accounts started and gaining traction can be difficult. Try the following content tips to improve your social media!

Make your page known

With small businesses, managing social media accounts can be disheartening at first. Likely, the account will have very few followers, despite the attention you may provide. Don’t lose heart, though! There’s no quick and easy way to gain followers; managing social media is a long process, taking months of strategy to build a reliable audience. To grow said audience, you must first make your page known.

According to each respective platform, Instagram reported it had 100 million active account, Twitter came in at 321 million, while Facebook detailed more than 2.4 billion users! To stand out among this ocean of information, broadcast your existence!

Many brand’s social media account fail due to a lack of exposure, even among existing customers. For those will storefronts, advertise your social media accounts or give an incentive for customers to follow you online. Exclusive offers, coupons or just updated information can drive attention to your business’ online presence.

Be Human

A crucial element of a business is often to profit, though social media functions differently. Though many platforms support in-app consumerism, your social media can do more than advertise products. Being human is essential in creating an online personality that matches your brand voice - the way a brand conveys its personality to an audience.

No matter the product or service you provide, don’t forget who you are appealing to. Your customers, employees and the public are all human beings with emotions: appeal to them. When in contact with another, through post comment or direct messages, speak as though you are chatting with a friend (clear and colloquial) but remain professional in a sense.


“Social Media Optimization” is a phrase often used by professionals that quickly confuses those who are unfamiliar with public relations. Simply put, optimization seeks to perfect a social media’s impact. This can be done with the various platform settings available and some best-practice techniques.

First, we cannot emphasize this enough, keywords. Social media functions like many other search engines, in which it uses keywords to match results with your search. Researching and choosing the right keywords are essential to marketing to the right audience. You can use systems like Google Analytics to view how current customers are reaching your page as well as the most popular ways to reach your competitors.

Second, any profile needs to be completed with a picture, description and website. You can never go wrong with a logo as a profile picture. It is clean, straightforward and recognizable: exactly what a social media profile should be. Some good elements in descriptions are location, website and your business’ service. Profiles need to be maintained as your business grows and changes. Delete old pictures, change banners and continually search for new audiences.

Lastly, optimize your content with unique copy, pictures and campaigns. In the modern era of photo editing, you’ve got to step up your game. Whether you need hired help or your account needs more TLC, your pictures should represent your company. Think of the adjectives you’d like customers to describe your business - professional, casual, genuine - then incorporate elements into your posts that display this. Use filters, stickers, tags and other editing tools to personalize your post, increasing your brand authenticity and recognizability.

Every business needs different elements depending on the service or product provided. However, the three prior recommendations are some of the most prominent elements of social media page - the first impression that can lead to a future sale. Better make the most of it.

Stick to a Schedule

Just like your daily routine, audiences often enjoy regularity in posting. To make scheduling easy, create a Content Calendar that outlines all of the aspects of your future posts - pictures, dates, tags, hashtags and copy. Content calendars can reach as far as you’d like: days, weeks, or months in advance. Having these materials prepared makes posting easy, though, you should be flexible as events, good and bad, occur spontaneously.

Scan for Trends

One of the amazing, and sometimes frustrating, elements of social media is that it is fluid and reforming. Due to the rapidly changing environment, it is crucial for accounts to consistently monitor the Internet for trends. Focusing on both professional and humourous developments, your account should adjust to suit the latest information. Monitor industry publications, trending hashtags, celebrities and, for younger audiences, memes, to maximize your audience potential.

Ultimately, you decide what your business' social media accounts look and feel like. Have fun, be creative and stick to your brand voice. As long as you make your posts unique and representative of your business, your audience will find you.

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