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Tips to Sticking to Your New Year's Resolutions

The only thing more daunting than holiday shopping is committing to your New Year’s resolution. Millions of Americans struggle to accomplish their desired goals, but this year will be different. The turn of the century means a clean slate and the opportunity to reform your business, whether you seek internal or online restructuring. With dedication, mindfulness and several “2020 vision” hashtags, you will see a clear (pun intended) difference in the success and engagement of your business and its stakeholders. Follow these tips to launching a “New year, new me” campaign, one that actually sticks around.

1. Start small

Big change requires small goals, that’s just a fact. Often, we get overexcited and make revolutionary plans, but they ultimately fall through or fail to meet our expectations due to a sense of being overwhelmed.

To fix this, we recommend making small goals that are easily completed but lead to your ultimate goal. Still, dream big, but remember that your dream requires time-sensitive tasks. For example, if you’d like to rebrand yourself or your agency on social media, first draft your rebranding idea, then create a style guide, followed by a content calendar, and finally launch your campaign. Of course, rebranding requires much more diligence than the prior example, but it demonstrates the objectives that much first be reached before the final product.

The new year is an exciting time; however, one must understand the logic and rationale behind accomplishing a New Year’s resolution.


Of course one should act with intelligence when planning to complete a resolution, though this is not the “smart” that I mean. SMART objectives are those that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Therefore, one should think about the implications of enacting the resolution.

  • What benefits does it provide the company?

  • How will it affect stakeholders?

  • What complications could arise and should be prepared for once this is in place?

The key to creating SMART objectives is to have a clear idea of the goal you seek to achieve, analyze your current standing and the steps needed to reach said goal, and the people who would be involved in accomplishing the goal/objectives. To be clear, objectives are steps taken to accomplish a goal.

Working SMART nearly guarantees your solid productivity. It divides responsibility, sets deadlines and airs gravity.

3. One Change at a Time

Unhealthy habits develop over time, as do healthy habits. Therefore, adjusting these habits requires an equivalent or greater amount of time. Focus is essential to isolating a problem, creating a solution and enacting a change. To best tackle this and not stray from your goal, create a list of changes you wish to make. As you complete tasks, move down the list until all goals are reached. Continue this trend, until your goals have been met, but do not attempt to multi-task.

4. Be Vocal

Making changes is a big deal, so be vocal about it. A major part of the communications industry is announcing the decisions being enacted for the sake of the stakeholders at hand. Often, people appreciate being kept in the loop, whether its the employees who create content and business or the customers who loyally use your services. Use your social media, email or internal communications systems to convey upcoming adjustments, the implications of this and what to prepare for. Having the forewarning for such events prevents shock and anger from surprised audiences.

5. Practice Positivity

This may be the most important tip I can offer: remaining light-hearted despite troubles. There’s no doubt New Year’s resolutions require willpower and dedication, something that is very easy to lose.

Setbacks will happen, we’re only human. It’s important to not beat yourself up after the inevitable: acknowledge your mistake, find a solution and move past it. The ability to reconcile mistakes is crucial for growth and will make you a better communicator and your business a stronger team.

The New Year is a time for celebration, strength and renewal. Make 2020 your year and the Roaring 20s your decade!

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