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Tips for Employee Motivation

As an employer in any career, it can be difficult to maintain sufficient motivation among your workers. However, this is one of the most vital aspects of running a successful business. Without your employees feeling comfortable, cared for and listened to, they will not perform to the best of their ability. Likewise, if you are an employee and feel unmotivated in your career, you should offer ideas and suggestions that point to how you feel you should be treated or compensated for your efforts. That way, your employers will be better able to meet your needs, which will in turn meet theirs.

So, what are some things that would increase employee motivation?

Give and Receive Feedback

Letting your employees know what they are doing right is just as important as letting them know what they are doing wrong. Oftentimes, it is easy to forget the confidence that comes with giving simple praise for meeting goals and completing difficult tasks. This does not mean telling a worker that they are doing a fantastic job when they have not. What it does mean is making sure to recognize the improvement or effort that workers have shown. Those that are not praised may then subconsciously be motivated to work harder or more productively.

But giving feedback is only one side. You, as an employer, must also be able to receive feedback from employees. This may mean you set up a system to receive suggestions or grievances, perhaps through email or on a physical note. It may also be as simple as letting your employees know that they are welcome to come into your office to express genuine feedback. Workers will then feel a greater connection to the business. As a result, the workers will find that their time spent at work is of substance, and they will be encouraged to work harder.

Demonstrate How Employees Can Contribute to Employer Goals

If your employees cannot see how their day-to-day tasks are contributing to the business, they will not have the same passion for it as you might have. It will not matter if you let your workers express their ideas if you do not express what your objectives are for the company. Only then will your employees be able to make daily decisions that benefit you. Having an overarching goal in mind also can fire up people to get things done.

Reward Systems

Maybe a reward given to hardworking employees is what first comes to mind when you think of “employee motivation.” This has its benefits, including employee retention and overall satisfaction with the company, which leads workers to increase productivity. The system can take the form of tangible prizes, like monetary rewards or trophies; praise, such as a letter of commendation; or some combination of the two, such as in a point system that leads to a tangible prize.

However, be wary of this option, as a reward is no substitute for treating employees the way they deserve to be treated, as in the aforementioned sections. The idea of a prize may also discourage or anger workers into thinking that the competition is unwinnable.

Give Employees More Responsibility

Employees are not children in elementary school. They will appreciate the opportunity to take on more tasks. They will work harder now knowing that they have higher goals to reach and more freedom to do what they need to succeed.

The action of empowering employees also shows trust between employer and worker. This good relationship contributes to an overall feeling of comfort for an employee, and they will want to better serve you as their superior.

Motivating employees takes some thought, and it is not a minor or easy part of running a successful business. But it does not have to be stressful for you or the employee if you take some time to recognize the needs of your workers and hear what they have to say. After all, without workers, there would be no business.

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