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The Team's Favorite Creative Outlets

Having a creative release, especially during the COVID-19 era, can really balance out your stress levels. With all the different channels to pour your artistic passion into, there is also no telling what you might create. As a part of the creative team at SparkIt, I enjoy hearing how other people release their stress, thoughts and passions through art. Here are the team’s favorite creative outlets.

Richard - Junior Copywriter

The website ArtStation allows artists to develop their portfolio on an easy platform that employers can view quickly. The site is usually used by employers looking for artists, artists looking for jobs and aspiring artists looking for inspiration. Richard, however, just likes to scroll through the site’s endless gallery.

“It’s a platform for artists to post 2D and 3D art pieces,” he says. “I just enjoy exploring all of the cool artwork.”

While our Junior Copywriter claims to not be able to create art, ArtStation allows him to appreciate the visions of other people.

“I can’t do art myself, so I live vicariously through other people - really cool though! I recommend it to everyone.”

Alejandro - Project Manager

While Richard enjoys the output of artistic design, Alejandro favors the input.

“My favorite creative outlet is drawing,” he says. “I enjoy drawing mock-up ads freehand since it lets me express myself through my work and it enables me to show my creativity while helping the client achieve their goals.”

Though our Project Manager’s creative outlet seems to run parallel to his tasks at SparkIt, the activity is still an artistic way to release energy. Alejandro has found the sweet spot between work and play by strengthening his skills and de-stressing simultaneously.

Drawing is also one of my favorite releases, though, like Richie, I don’t consider myself to be an artist. I find the idea of creating an entire world with only a pen or pencil to be fascinating. There are no limitations, except for the amount of ink or lead in your drawing utensil, of course.

Nicole - Content Developer

Nicole usually creates impressive works of digital art for our clients and SparkIt itself. When she’s not wrestling PhotoShop, however, our Content Developer has a unique hobby: dancing. In fact, she loves the outlet so much that she’s written plenty to praise it.

“I love to be creative, de-stress and get exercise through dancing. Since my time with my dance company was cut short this semester, I don’t have a facilitated way or space to dance. So, I have to do it on my own. I will push the table in our living room back to make more room, put my headphones in and start stretching.

Once I feel warm, I’ll mark the choreography for the dances that I learned over this semester to see if I remember the moves. This means I won’t do it completely full out. If there is a turn in the dance or a leap, I will only go on relevé without turning, or I will make the leap small. After this, I do the dances again, but as full out as I can with the limited pace I have, and pray that the people in the apartment under me can’t really hear my thumping.

To keep my creativity flowing and my dance brain engaged, I’ll choreograph dances on my own. Right now, I am choreographing a contemporary piece for my two sisters -- who also dance -- and me to the song “Chasing Cars,” the epitome of sad songs for this sad semester. Dancing is my favorite way to forget my problems and boost my mood. I also highly recommend playing Just Dance on a Wii, or looking up the videos on YouTube for a good time.”

Bismarie - Creative Director

Like Nicole, Bismarie creates splendid graphic designs for SparkIt, but also for herself on her own time. With her iPad and Apple Pencil, our Creative Director gets lost in her graphic design world.

“I sometimes sit outside and just doodle for hours,” she says.

While Alejandro’s actual work tasks double as his creative outlet, Bismarie’s creative outlet seems to be fitting for her job, as well. She creates memorable digital drawings that have provided her with the skills suitable for a Creative Director.

Bismarie also has a newfound creative outlet.

“I also love Animal Crossing. You get to build up your own island from scratch. It really tests you on how creative you get to be.”

Vivian - Social Media Intern

Vivian, who is yet another talented artist on our team, likes to immerse herself in the ancient art of painting.

“My favorite creative outlet would have to be painting because it’s kind of therapeutic,” she says. “You can paint anything you want and express yourself through the painting. It is always fun to do it with friends too. If you are really good at painting it can be a huge sense of accomplishment creating a piece.”

Painting is particularly interesting because of the colors and textures that you can invent. With lots of time on our hands because of having to stay home, Vivian will surely discover new painting phenomena.

And while our intern may not consider herself to be the best, she still enjoys her creative outlet.

“I am not a master painter,” she says. “I just like doing it for fun.”

Brian - Account Manager

At SparkIt, Brian’s job is to keep in contact with clients so that we can satisfy their needs. At the sincere level, though, our Account Manager is a writer.

“My favorite creative outlet when I’m bored is to write,” he says. “Whether it be writing in my journal or writing on a story, I find it really enjoyable to take what’s in my brain and put it in a physical form, to get my thoughts on the outside.”

Writing stories offers the same pleasures as drawing in that it offers the ability to create a world from scratch. The ability to manipulate words and language into a unique reading experience is an extraordinary talent, just as all creative outlets are.

Brian is working on a specific story now, though it doesn’t stop there.

“I find it really enjoyable to write small stories about random, novel ideas I have throughout the day.”

We’d love to hear from our readers about your creative outlets. Leave a comment down below or tag us on Twitter (@sparkitagency), Instagram or Facebook (@sparkitcreative). Stay safe, stay home and stay creative!

Cover Photo by Alice Dietrich on Unsplash

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