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Personal Branding Made Easy

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Everyone has a personal brand: adults, children, professionals, students, even your grandparents! Ask yourself, “What do others think of me?” The adjectives that you and others use to describe people create the so-called personal brand. So, who are you? Professional, comedic, creative? All of these characteristics come together to make the mental image that the world perceives you to be. If you’re not happy with your personal brand, here are five ways to build the perfect you.

Step 1: Inner Branding

No one knows you better than yourself, so take time to evaluate who you are as an individual. How do you interact in your professional or personal life? What do you hope to achieve on a daily basis? What reasons have you given others to think differently of you, for better or worse?

Also, assess your ideology and future in a way that analyzes the current path you are taking and where you would like to be down the road. Some important categories to look into include vision, purpose, passions, strengths and values in life. It is important to think of your inner brand as the person who’d like to portray. Everyone uses facades when interacting with different groups, but how would you like to interact generally?

It is important to be comfortable in your skin and own your personal brand. Therefore, research yourself: what is already being said about you, what do you want to change about the message, how can you get started?

Step 2: Differentiation

Now that you understand who you are, how can you separate yourself from the other 7 billion people in the world? Though this scale is a bit extreme, take the precedent at face value. There are an enormous number of people vying for the same career, opportunity or job as you. It is important to differentiate yourself from the crowd and show how you are unique, no matter the endeavor you’re pursuing.

Customize your claim to fame based on your desired outcome. If you’re pursuing a job opportunity, craft your message to spotlight your strengths and talents. What are some things you are exceptional at and where would you like to improve? Even showing interest in a specific field can separate you from the crowd.

In differentiating yourself from competitors, you prove to employers, leaders and outside interests that you are willing to grow and learn from your experiences. This open-mindset offers resilience in the event of a crisis, with figureheads willing to save those they deem vital or who show potential.

Step 3: Outer Brand

Last but not least, personal branding is concerned with your outer brand or public portrayal. This is the portion of you that others see through visual and habitual cues. This includes communication style, presence, personal style and lifestyle: all of which are aspects of who you are. Personal branding helps you develop and express an extrinsic image that influences others to see a positive image of you. A strong outer brand can help create a memorable, long-lasting first impression.

By discovering your personal brand, you can take better control of your image by using smart and authentic ways to gain further exposure. Using the personal branding process, you can identify ways to reflect and amplify your personal brand to enhance recognition, reputation and credibility among desired audiences. This includes showcasing your brand through tactical strategies, such as publicity, publishing, networking, and social media. The right visibility is important in both professional and personal situations: it builds reputation and helps others to better understand your values.

Use the personal branding process to grasp who you are and who you hope to become. Whether you’re seeking improvement professionally or personally, evaluate your brand to discover the ideal reputation you would like to represent. Clarifying your goals and ambitions not only lets the world know who you are but also helps you generate a defined path for the future. In this way, personal branding is similar to lifestyle advising. Now that you know about personal branding, who do you want to be?

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