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Making the Most of Your Social Distancing

The past few months have been troublesome to say the least. COVID-19 has dominated news and social media over the past month, though it’s been a major infection since December. The United States has just recently begun to feel the ramifications, and with the University of Florida turned all classes online. Understandably, many students are unfamiliar with this social distancing environment. The team has also been struggling in this area: we’ve been searching for activities to stay productive while stuck inside. Below are the team’s recommendations for activities to do inside!


  • Blogging

Blogging can be a great opportunity to improve writing skills, show the personal side fo your life and connect with like-minded individuals. Bismarie is a dedicated blogger and has found comfort and joy in reorganizing and writing for My Bissy Life. She talks about her life as a student, traveler and professional. Most recently, she has traveled to Australia and often gushes about the wildlife, food and culture.

  • Netflix

Now is the time to relax, according to Bismarie. Though life carries on, working from home can allow times of rest and rejuvenation. One way Bismarie does this is by watching Netflix. Binging a good series is a great way to take your mind off of trouble. Here are some titles she recommends: That 70s Show, Young and Hungry, The Good Place, Grace & Frankie, Love, and Arrested Development.

  • Reading

As a writer, Bismarie also loves reading a variety of books. “There’s so many books I’ve bought but haven’t had the time to read. This is my moment to enjoy them all.”


  • Playstation

Though life carries on and classes still require work to be done, Alejandro says he has found more time to enjoy Playstation games - something that was lost previously due to his busy schedule. “I’ve got several games I need to finish and others I need to start. They’ve been on a shelf forever, and I’m just now getting to them.”

  • Netflix

Alongside videogames, Alejandro has been making the most of his monthly Netflix fee. Watching shows such as Lucifer, Stranger Things and the Witcher, Alejandro is getting caught up on the latest talk. He says he happy to no longer dodge spoilers and miss out on memes due to a lack of constant viewing.

  • Working

Though Alejandro says he is enjoying his free time, life carries on and clients need public relations now more than ever. Working over the phone and Skype, Alejandro is able to communicate with clients and address concerns of the brewing pandemic crisis.


  • Puzzles

Keep the brain running with a good challenge! Michael loves to solve puzzles and a calming and thoughtful way to stay isolated. Keeping him entertained for hours on end, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the final results come to life.

  • Dancing

Now, Michael never claimed to be the best dancer, but all this extra time has given him the availability to practice. With hundreds of tutorial videos on YouTube, he’s on his way to mastering tango and salsa, with an interest in hip hop next.

  • Walking

Staying inside for days on end can be a struggle, especially for those with typically healthy lifestyles. Michael finds that the occasional walk or bike ride does wonders to rejuvenate his mind and get him energized to complete tasks throughout the day.


  • Singing

Nicole has always enjoyed theatre and dance, in fact, she works with the Dancing Gators! This time home has allowed her to practice her skills and grow as a performer. She likes to put on a playlist while she finishes work and cleans her apartment.

  • Movie Nights

Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Nicole and her friends like to get on Skype and play games or watch movies. You can find apps and website that will sharescreens, like Zoom, where you and your friends can enjoy activities together!


  • Reading

Richard is a dedicated bookworm, though he has been slacking in recent months due to classwork. He says he now has the chance to enjoy his favorite reading location, Lake Alice, and finish the books collecting dust on his shelf.

  • Board Games

Board games have also been Richard’s way of coping with the pandemic. He and his roommates have enjoyed nights of Monopoly, Catan and various card games. He’s also learned he has a terrible poker face.


  • Drawing

Drawing is not an expertise of Brian’s but it is a skill he’s looking to improve on. Before the quarantine, he bought pencils to practice with and researched some YouTube tutorials. We can’t wait to see your latest sketch of the SparkIt team!

  • Gardening

Brian’s mentality is that if you’re going to be stuck inside for an extended period of time, you might as well enjoy the view. Already equipped with several plants, Brian is focused on at least keeping these alive. Knowing he is a beginning gardener, Brian wants to see his cacti and bamboo grow over the next few weeks. He’s been using research and YouTube to find the best tools to maintain his growing garden.

  • Fort building

The increased time home also allows Brian to tap into his creative side. Using chairs, cushions, pillows and more, Brian channels his inner child to create comfortable forts where he can work and rule at the same time. Bring some snacks, a blanket and a laptop and there’s nothing that he can’t do.


  • Indoor Golf

Like all creative minds, Bismarie loves seeing a complicated plan come to life. This is shown through her ability to engineer fantastic games, such as indoor golf courses. Using doors, stairs and boxes, she finds great ways to have fun and keep her putting skills on par.

  • Cooking & Baking

Bismarie is also a dedicated baker: sweets are truly her passion. She loves trying new recipes whether its a challenging professional dinner from Food Network or a cute Instagrammable dessert from Pinterest. Here are some recipes she recommends!

  • Nintendo Switch

Not only is Bismarie an avid writer, she also enjoys some friendly competition in videogames. She often gathers friends to battle in Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart. These games can be played online, so there’s no need for in-person meeting either!


  • XBox

With a variety of games available, Vivian also has some catching up to do. She mostly enjoys playing with her siblings, but certainly wants practice to ensure their destruction. Things can get heated, but she knows a little competition makes for a happy and healthy home.

  • Cinnamon Rolls

Vivian’s one true love! Cinnamon rolls keep her alive and well, often enjoying a cup of coffee and a sugary treat while working on designs. Vivian says that the extra time has allowed her to bake more often. She enjoys finding various recipes on Pinterest and occasionally experimenting with her own curiosity.

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