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Is Trump Actually Banning TikTok?

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Officially introduced to the United States on August 2, 2018, after collaborating with the preexisting social media platform, is a Chinese-based application known as TikTok. TikTok began to gain popularity at an astonishing rate, allowing creators to amass a following for simply posting lip-syncing, dancing, comedy and talent videos. What appears to be a harmless space for individuals to express themselves through short-form content may potentially be banned in the U.S. due to its Chinese ownership and the president’s concern for our nation’s privacy, along with that of the platform’s users. With no immediate actions yet taken, let’s discuss the various rumors regarding the impending fate of the application in the U.S.

Why is TikTok viewed as a threat?

One of the president’s primary concerns about U.S. users relying on TikTok for entertainment is the alleged access the Chinese government has to our personal information. Owned by the internet company in China ByteDance, this software is not the first to be targeted by the White House; others include Huawei and ZTE, both phone network equipment manufacturers.

The president, along with various other government officials, are also concerned about national security and view TikTok, along with Chinese-owned companies in general, as a threat. According to local laws, the Chinese government does in fact have access to the campanies’ internal systems.

What is Trump’s plan?

The copious rumors circulating the state of TikTok, an application that transformed the lives of countless individuals while serving as a primary source of entertainment for many of its users, has its fans wondering.

On Friday, Trump was said to have mentioned an “executive order” that would prohibit the use of the application; however, the details to this alleged “ban” are yet to be outlined. Although we remain in the dark regarding the specific details of Trump’s next steps, various solutions to limit the power of TikTok have been proposed to the president’s administration. Relying on the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, or blacklisting the owners of TikTok and terminating the possibility for financial transactions between American firms are just a couple of the various deals being discussed. Microsoft, one of the largest technology companies in the world, has also shown an interest in purchasing the platform. Many view them as TikTok’s potential “savior.” Expanding on the company’s pre-existing partnership with the federal government and eliminating the current national security concerns of the White House, Microsoft’s status with the Trump administration would be elevated immensely with the purchase of the social media platform.

What does the future look like for TikTok?

Just two months ago, The New York Times released an article titled “TikTok (Yes, TikTok) Is the Future.” Now, viewers have their eyes peeled for each new article that breaks, exposing us to new information on the future of the application. By no means is there a definite answer to our concerns; however, with Microsoft stepping forward and eager to purchase the social media platform, what is to come appears promising.

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