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How to market to everyone on Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day means something different for everyone. Whether you are celebrating with someone special or flying solo, everyone has their fun way of celebrating this day of love. It is crucial to find that marketing “sweet spot” where we don’t leave anyone feeling left out during Valentine’s Day. Here are some tips and tricks to help cater your business’s content to everyone during February.

Are you planning on running a promotion for your customers this February? Add a little Valentine's Day twist by asking customers to bring in a photo of them and who they are spending their Valentine’s Day for a sweet discount! Everyone has someone they can celebrate within their life, whether it’s their other halves, their gals, or even their furry friend—this fun promotional way incentivizes customers with a fun Valentine’s Day flair. You can also consider encouraging couples incentives. For example, If you come and shop in-store with your significant other, you will receive a free goody exclusively on Valentine’s Day.

Don’t forget all the singles in the room! In recent years, some people have named February 15th, the day after the infamous holiday, “Single Awareness Day,” and have decided to celebrate the single life after the couples have had their day to shine. Consider extending the celebration one extra day to celebrate the singles out there and cater to both markets this season. An idea for this may include promoting a “Galentine’s Day” outing amongst friend groups to cater to those spending the holiday with their gal pals this year.

Valentine’s Day isn't just a day to share your love for someone else but also a day to promote self-love and self-care. Another great content idea is adding a few self-care tips posts to your content calendar as well! Some examples include sharing DIY bath bombs and face mask recipes or even encouraging indulging in your guilty pleasures for a day, whether that’s a favorite dessert item or a binge-watching that one show you can’t get enough of. This is a great way to promote your own niche self-care tips according to your business and ways your followers can use your products to practice self-care during Valentine’s Day.

Now, let’s talk gifts. Whether you are giving a gift or treating yourself this year, it is a known fact that people embrace gift-giving during this special holiday. According to, Americans spend a total of $20.7 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2019 alone. Businesses like yours have the opportunity to contribute to this massive gift-buying event of the year. However, we all know the feeling of trying to find the perfect gift for someone despite the occasion. One way you can help customers find you and to promote your products is to create a gift guide with sections such as “Gift for him/her/them”, “Gifts for you”, etc. This way you can cater your content towards a wider audience and introduce new or niche products to new followers.

Last but not least, you can’t forget to show your followers some love at the end of the day. Without your loyal followers, there would be no one to thank on this day of love. Feel free to share a post thanking your follower base and gifting them a Happy Valentine’s Day from your business to them.

Hopefully, this has helped fuel the inspiration to create the best Valentine’s Day content that makes everyone feel included. Happy Valentine’s Day from the SparkIt team to you!

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