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How To Advertise In College Towns

For brands and businesses operating in college towns, you know that advertising to students can be a completely different ballpark. With students returning back to their college campus after a year of remote learning, this is an opportunity for businesses to reach out to students and advertise their brand, given the repressed demand. Whether you’re looking for some advice on how to advertise your business or you want to brush up on some tips , here’s some information on how you can advertise in a college town.

1. Think like a college student.

Between classes, extracurricular activities and events, college students have very busy schedules. Your business should take this into consideration when trying to advertise to college students. Moreover, keep in mind that college students have a bit of a tight budget. With most students trying to balance their academic and social life, some students don't have time to work a part-time job. Figure out some aspects of your business that align with the schedules of college students and then advertise it. For example, your business can advertise special deals and discounts to draw in college students and appeal to them. With college football season right around the corner, businesses can advertise a special deal on game days and appeal to college students.

2. Use social media and the internet to advertise

If your business isn't using social media to advertise then you’re doing something wrong, especially in today’s digital age. College students spend a lot of their time on the internet and social media, so this is a perfect way to get their attention. They might even repost your content or take pictures showing off your business- use this to your advantage! Sparkit Creative has been using the latest trends and tactics to curate social media pages for businesses and help promote their brand. Your business’s social media presence is crucial to its success and can aid in creating a community. By having engaging story posts that allow your followers to interact with your content and answering their comments, you can build your social media presence.

3. Advertising on College Campuses

If you’re trying to get the attention of students who might not know what your business is, placing ads in the university newspaper and college newsletters is a good place to start. College students are constantly looking through their emails and this is a great way to get your businesses’ name out on the campus. Another way to get some brand exposure is to sponsor student events. There are tons of events on campus year-round that your business can sponsor, especially during the beginning of the semester. There are hundreds of students who have just moved to the area and want to get to know the local stores. Think of it like this: your business can give a little and then get a lot in return.

4. Make students feel special

In a college town, your most loyal customers will likely be local college students. In order for them to continue supporting your business, you have to make them feel special and a part of a community. Your business should take that extra step to make students feel appreciated and in return students will spread the word about your business to their friends and other people they know. As most business owners know, it’s easier to keep returning customers than it is to get new ones. With this mindset, you will have a bunch of loyal customers visiting your store for the next four years.

5. Authenticity is Key

College students have become smart consumers. With seeing so many advertisements on social media, students are practically trained experts when it comes to separating good advertisements from the bad ones. Some business owners may overlook the success that students can bring to their business, but don’t be fooled- there is no consumer like the college student. If there is anything that rubs students the wrong way, it's businesses trying to make a quick buck off of them. Businesses should be creating a service with genuine value and in turn they will get genuine customers.

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