• Charlene Medders

How Agencies Can Promote Themselves

What is your agency doing to market itself? To become a more successful agency, you should continually promote yourself alongside your clients. Many smaller agencies find it difficult to promote themselves because they are more worried about gaining new clients; however one of the best ways to gain more clients is by promoting your agency. This can give you credibility and make potential clients more likely to want to work with you. Here are some ways you can start promoting your agency today:

Treat Your Agency Like a Client

By treating your agency as a client, you will choose to prioritize promoting yourself just like you would with any other client. According to an article by Forbes, it can be difficult to prioritize unpaid work over the paid work from your clients. However, in the end, this work will pay off and help your agency grow. Making yourself a client will give your team time to evaluate your agency and find areas of improvement with your branding or social media. Each team member can look at the agency through a magnifying glass and focus on what can be done better to showcase your brand.

Treat your own agency just as you would your clients when evaluating your website, social media posts and previous work.

Always keep your website up to date. Display work that you are proud of, and be authentic in your brand.

Be sure to check your social media following. Have your followers increased or decreased in the past few months? How engaging are your followers on each social media post? Brainstorm ways to improve these aspects of your social media, and implement them as soon as you can.

Stay True to Your Brand

As agencies grow and adapt to the modern times, their brands may change. This is a good thing because it demonstrates growth for these agencies. Even the biggest businesses and agencies can rebrand or expand on their current brands. However, make sure to always be authentic when showcasing your brand. Base every brand choice you make on your brand message and identity. Your brand is what determines your agency’s credibility.

Potential clients will choose to work with you because they admire your brand. If they see that you stay true to your brand, they will trust that you will do the same with theirs. Keeping your brand genuine and up to date will help your agency promote itself, even if you don’t realize it.

Client Testimonials/Word of Mouth

Client testimonials are one of the best ways for your agency to get recognition of your work. If your clients appreciate the work your agency is doing for them, they will make it known to their audiences. Word of mouth is extremely important when it comes to promoting your agency. The audience of a client may have never heard of your agency before your client spoke about it. This gives your agency and brand more exposure, which strengthens the possibility of gaining more clients.

Along with client testimonials, word of mouth can also be accomplished by the agency’s team. It is one of the most underrated ways of promoting your agency, but it can be effective if the agency takes it seriously. Team members should talk about the agency to others because you never know who could be a potential client. Client testimonials and word of mouth can have the strongest impact on reaching more potential clients and promoting your brand.

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