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Communications Trends for 2021

For all aspects of communications, 2020 has been a year like no other. If we could wipe the calendar and start over, many of us would. So the sooner we finish the annual roundups and predictions, the quicker we move on? Well, the past year wasn’t all bad news. While many divisive, destructive and stressful events challenge each of us, they also opened new opportunities for communicators. Here are some observed trends we can expect in 2021.

Digital workplaces

The pandemic accelerated a transformation already underway in many businesses: work from home. We predict that the anywhere-operations model will be vital for businesses to emerge successful in 2021. Despite any vaccinations or policies that may free people from their homes, there is a new culture for personal space, which won’t be leaving anytime soon. As it has now been proven successful, remote work is a permanent option for workplace employees, especially true for communicators as campaigns and design can largely be completed online.

However, this rush to online work platforms will require some changes from both the business and the government. Increased digital security, automation of repetitive tasks and a rush of deadlines are all expected ramifications for the new online workplace.

Increased popularity of live streaming

2020 brought innovation to classic communications tactics. Streaming platforms, like Twitch and YouTube rose in popularity as events, television, podcasts, and live shows transformed pre-recorded sessions into live footage. The future of event marketing growth will be in hybrid happenings that attract both physical and virtual participants and attendees.

Diversity is essential

As we lead into 2021, every business must know there are no more excuses. No more token ethnic employees or revolving doors of diversity hires. The new generation is tired of empty pipelines and promises. The real way to prove ethics is through actions

Communications overlap

As we move into the new year, recent graduates and newly hired professionals should expect a greater integration of teamwork between advertising, marketing, public relations and other communications departments. As the individual departments compete for budgets, the wisest businesses will join the teams to work in tandem to best communicate with intended audiences.

New social platforms

Who would have thought Charlie d’Amelio would reach 100 million TikTok followers in under a year? Well, anyone who understands virality certainly would see it coming. TikTok took the nation by storm in early 2020, and despite all its controversy, remains a highly popular media platform for Gen Z and young Millenials. We expect more platforms and technology to appear and continue this trend of virality.

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