• Dalia Rubinowicz

Advertising During the Holidays

Once November 1st rolls around, we all feel a sudden shift in the air. This is not just attributed to the cooler weather, but the seasonal flavors of peppermint wafting through the air, the sounds of carols, and the endless supply cable knit sweaters flooding stores. The most wonderful time of the year has begun. The holidays, one of the most consumer-centric periods, are where advertisers should be focusing immensely. Since the holiday season is such an important time of year, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind while convincing consumers to buy from YOU!

We all tend to focus on the gifts and material things that we receive during the holidays. We get so caught up being consumers, that we tend to forget the real significance of this season. Family. The holidays are the one time of year when families are reunited and we spend time with the ones we love. This being said, advertisers limit the materialistic attitudes we see year-round and focus on family values, the reason we all come together. Before you panic, I am not suggesting that advertisers shift away from the holidays all together (as I enjoy my holiday gifts just as much as the next person), but I think they should try and shift their perspective to create more of an emotional appeal. Nothing calls a mother’s attention like sharing a loving moment with her child, and a couple loves nothing more than a romantic, intimate outing. Using moments like these in advertisements not only help to satisfy consumer’s needs, but also encompass what the holiday season is all about.

We have now established that the holidays are the time to gather around with family and loved ones. No one should feel isolated or alone during this time of year. Sadly, this happens all the time without notice, especially during holiday season, especially in terms of inclusivity. Although most Americans celebrate Christmas, not everyone does, and there is still so much diversity in this country that we forget to account for at times. This is why I believe that advertisers should factor this in when creating campaigns for this upcoming holiday season. Those who do not celebrate Christmas usually feel like the minority during the holidays, and they will definitely remember the company that makes the extra effort to include their beliefs in their advertisements.

Although this next tip is not exclusive to the holidays, it is always important for advertisers to know their market. There are many instances in advertising where marketers are aware of the kind of client they are trying to target, yet they still miss the mark in their advertisement. It's not just about aesthetics and brand reputation, and although these things are very important to a company, marketers must keep the customer in mind first and foremost. If a company sees that a certain consumer stands out and they want to continue to target them, they should find out their interests and use them to their advantage, placing them in ads for their target audience to see.

During this time of year, everyone gets so caught up in the holiday cheer and the flashy decorations. We all know that there is nothing like driving through a neighborhood illuminated by bright string lights on a cool winter night. With all of the colorful, decorative spirit of the season at times we have to remember that less is more. You don’t want to overwhelm potential customers with over the top ads even if it seems that the occasion calls for it. Not only could this be a waste of funds, but consumers know what time of year it is, not every ad needs to be an over-the-top holiday celebration. Customers appreciate when ads are from the heart as well, so don’t sweat the small stuff and be authentic.

To wrap this up, the holidays are a very important time for advertisers, and they must make it count. As there is already so much hype for Christmas, Hanukkah, and any other holidays at this time of year, Christmas alone is unoriginal and advertisers should focus on providing a new take on holiday ads, and emotional appeals, inclusivity, knowing your market, and simplicity are just a few ways for advertisers to do so.

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