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5 Reasons Why Instagram Stories Should Be A Part Of Your Business Strategy

With the rise of social media marketing and advertising, brands have started to take advantage of Instagram’s unique Story features. Unlike Snapchat, Instagram Stories don’t just disappear after 24 hours - the story is automatically saved in a user’s archives. This gives brands a chance to capitalize Instagram’s Story Highlights feature to not only repurpose content, but also gives an opportunity to engage with customers. Through Story marketing, brands can promote products, services, and share important messages – all while keeping engagement high. Let’s get into the 5 reasons why Instagram Stories should be a part of your business strategy:

1. Interact with your audience

Instagram Stories gives you an opportunity to interact with your audience in real-time. Some features include polls, question boxes, countdowns, sliding bars, and quizzes. Try interacting with your audience by setting up a poll, asking questions, or even letting your followers ask you questions. Also, once you reach 10,000 followers on Instagram as a business account, you get a new feature added to your Stories that allows you to include swipe-up links, making it easier to advertise and drive traffic to your website! It is important to be consistent with interacting with your audience in order to build brand reputation and increase brand frequency. Interaction leads to engagement which then leads to conversion and brand loyalty.

2. Increase your Instagram engagement

By interacting with your audience on Stories, it increases your Instagram engagement! Instagram Stories is an effective way to incorporate eye-catching CTA’s (call to actions). It makes it easy for the audience to engage with your content as they all occur within the story. Engaging is as easy as voting in a poll with one tap, rating something on a sliding scale, or even answering a question on a quiz sticker without even leaving the story. Stories also give the audience an opportunity to communicate with your brand in real-time by responding to the story via direct message. It is also a great place to encourage and repost UGC (user-generated content), which increases personalization and reputation. Millennials and Gen Z’s especially are highly motivated by the opinions of their peers on social media. Higher engagement leads to an increase in brand awareness!

3. Save and repurpose your content

Instagram Story Highlights allows you to organize and save the content you’ve created. You can organize these highlights into categories that you feel would best benefit your brand. You could organize them into an about section, a product section, a blog section or even a section dedicated to a weekly series posted on your stories. These highlights are especially helpful for new followers or audiences that happen to stumble upon your account. Brand education is important in keeping a consistent message and brand reputation across all platforms.

4. Enhance your content

Instagram Stories is a great way to take your content to another level. Many brands use it to showcase different types of content and formats that might not fit in their regular Instagram feed. It helps brands let loose and not worry about picture-perfect content all the time. Have fun with it and get creative! Instagram Stories are available to all – meaning people who don’t follow you can see it too. Make it memorable.

5. Don’t Miss Out

With Instagram being one of the most popular social networks worldwide at roughly one billion (!!!) monthly active users according to Statista, why would you want to miss out on this FREE marketing opportunity?! Instagram Stories is not a feature that brands should be ignoring at all. It is a fantastic way to get more engagement and connect with your audience in a unique way, while also showing a fun side of your brand that other customers don’t get to witness.

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