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4 Big Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media

Social media have stepped into the business world like conquering giants, and they are not going to leave. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube have become the hubs of communication for almost everybody today because of how easy they have made it to reach out to one another.

It is important (and necessary) for businesses large and small to take advantage of these social media platforms in order to reach their audience. Equally important, a business has to make sure it knows what it plans to do on these social networks. If not, the business will only suffer from frustrated customers and disinterested prospective customers.

Here are some mistakes that businesses tend to make on their social media endeavors.

1. Creating the same type of content every time they post. The quickest way to lose an audience is by showing them something they have seen dozens of times already. The audience will come to expect what you have already shown and will not even bother to come check out your profile again. Put yourself in the shoes of the potential customer: what would you find interesting, amusing or helpful on a company’s social media? It may help to look at other businesses’ posts to get an idea of how they stir the creativity pot and keep the flavor of their profile alive.

2. Not maintaining a brand. When someone comes along and mindlessly clicks on your profile, they will instantly exit out if your mission or goal as a company is not clear. Maybe your bio is not an accurate representation of what you want to accomplish. Perhaps your posts are inconsistent. Or it could be simply that your profile picture takes too long to recognize, meaning it does not include your logo or company name. All of these factors and more will steer customers away better than any bug spray could repel bugs. You can avoid this by briefly stating who you are and what you do as a company in your bio. You can stay consistent with your posts while still being creative. This means that your posts all have the same overall personality and message, but you achieve that message in unique ways. And lastly, you can reevaluate your profile picture, changing it to something easily recognizable that fits your business’s image.

3. Posting too much promotional content and not enough informational content. One of the main reasons a social media user clicks to a company’s profile is to find information. Each user is a potential customer, and if they cannot find the information they are looking for, they will leave, taking your opportunity to snag a new customer with them. Information about products may subtly be a promotion. But the main takeaway for a customer or potential customer is that they have gained knowledge, whether it is about your product, an event, the industry, or the company itself. Make sure that all of your social media posts relate back to your primary goals, though. Also keep in mind that social media users may not always know what kind of information they want, but when they find it, they will be satisfied.

4. Not responding to or interacting with users. The last mistake you would want to make is avoiding response and interaction with your customers and followers. Not replying to complaints or compliments gives the impression that your company’s social media is run by an emotionless entity that ignores all feedback. Do not be that company. A social media user may tag your page or reply to one of your posts. When this happens, you should give a well-thought out, respectful, and helpful response. Give the message a like or come up with a witty, playful response. If the user asks a question, answer it to the best of your ability, and then make sure the user is satisfied with the answer. If the user makes a complaint, apologize for the issue and then acknowledge that you will bring the issue to management or corporate. Then make sure to back your words up with action! The customer will greatly appreciate your genuine effort to remedy their personal issue. Here are a couple examples of companies that responded to users when they reached out to them on social media:

When deciding to make a social media page for your company, be consistent, uphold your brand image, offer useful and interesting information, and be mindful of people who reach out to you. Social media are powerful tools for sending out a message, just be sure that your customers will know how to receive it.

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